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Brass Instruments

Euphoniums and Tubas



French Horns

Brass Mouthpieces



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Griego 5m Sil.NY


Griego 6.5 Deco Silver Plated Large Bore MPC


Hans Hoyer HH6801NSA-L Nickel Silver Heritage Double Horn Screw Bell Screw Belll


HELLEBERG 120s Tuba Mouthpiece in Silver


Hercules DS420B Trombone Stand


Hercules DS520B Trombone Stand

$45.00 $69.99

Hetman Light Bearing & Linkage Lubricant 13 Rotary Valve


Hetman Light Piston

$7.99 $9.95

Hetman Light Rotor Lubricant 11

$6.99 $8.00

Humes and Berg Stoneline Trombone Cup Mute 152

$40.00 $52.50

Humes and Berg Stoneline Trombone Straight Mute 151

$26.00 $34.00

JP 2054S Marching Euphonium in Silverplate w/Case


JP Sousaphone in Lacquer Finish


JP074 Euphonium in Lacquer


JP078 MKII mini 3-Valve Tuba in Lacquer


JP151s Mk II Trumpet in Silver




JP179B Tuba in Lacquer


JP2051 Mellophone in Lacquer


JP2051s Mellophone in Silver


JP2053 Marching Baritone in Lacquer


JP2053S Marching Baritone

$1,599.00 $1,995.00

JP2057s Sousaphone in Silver w/ABS Case


JP251A SW Antique Finish Trumpet


JP251s (SW) Smith Watkins Trumpet in Silver w/Case

$960.57 $1,099.00

JP274L MKii Concert Euphonium in Lacquer


JP333 Rath Bass Trombone


JP374S Sterling Euphonium in Silver plate w/JP Pro Case


JP374ST Sterling Euphonium in Silver plate w/Slide Trigger & JP Pro Case

$4,948.00 $7,148.00

JP379BB Sterling Tuba in Lacquer


JP379CC Sterling Tuba in Lacquer


K&M Trumpet Stand/ In bell 15213


La Tromba AG Waterspray

$10.00 $12.99

Marcinkiewicz Precision Brass Mouthpiece E12 VIZZUTTI


Marcinkiewicz Precision Brass Mouthpiece E12.4 INGRAM


Marcinkiewicz Precision Brass Mouthpiece E14 SHEW 1


Marcinkiewicz Precision Brass Mouthpiece E5 SHEW 2


Marcinkiewicz Precision Brass Mouthpiece E8 Rick Baptist


Marcinkiewicz Precision Brass Mouthpiece E9.1SHEW 1.5


P Mauriat PMT-655SP Trumpet with Case


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