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Brass Instruments

Euphoniums and Tubas



French Horns

Brass Mouthpieces



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Adams A4 Trumpet in Satin Lacquer


Adams A4LT Trumpet 1TBADA4LM45N


Adams E1 Custom Series Euphonium Sterling Bell


Adams F1 Flugelhorn Red Brass w/ Nickel Flair


Adams F5 Flugelhorn In Brushed Lacquer


Advanced Method for Trombone or Baritone Vol. I


B&S Challenger Heritage Series MBX3 Trumpet w/Case


B&S Challenger I Trumpet BS3137-S

$1,500.00 $2,199.00

Bach 180s37 Trumpet with Case


Bach 341 5G Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece

$76.00 $114.00

Bach 3411G 1G Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece


Bach 3412G 2G Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece


Bach 350 5G Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece


Bach 42TG Stradivarius Trombone

$2,400.00 $3,900.00

Bach 6 1/2 AL Large Shank Mouthpiece

$65.00 $109.00

Bach 6 1/2 AL Small Shank Mouthpiece


Bach Artisan 1 1/2G Large Shank Bass Trombone Mouthpiece


Bach Artisan 6 1/2 AL Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece


Bach Artisan AC190 C Trumpet in Lacquer with Bach Case


Bach Stradivarius 36B Trombone w/Orginal Case


Bach TR300 Student Trumpet


Blessing BFH-1541RT Flugelhorn in Matte Finish


Blessing Trumpet in Silver Plate


Blitz Gloss Care for Band Instruments

$5.00 $6.95

Courtois AC440 Trombone


Cronkhite TBNBTG-BTL Tenor Trombone Case in British Tan Leather


Denis Wick DW5506 Harmon Mute


Denis Wick DW5529 Trombone Cup Mute


Denis Wick DW5531 Cup Mute


Denis Wick DW5575 Trumpet Fiber Cup Mute


Getzen 547-PC Capri Tenor Trombone with Case


Getzen 725 Tenor F-Attachment Trombone with Case

$1,799.99 $2,919.00

Getzen 907DLX Eterna Series Trumpet in Lacquer w/Case


Getzen 907sDLX Eterna Series Trumpet in Silverplate w/Case- Demo Model


Getzen Custom 3047AF Trombone w/Axial Flow Valve & Gig Bag Case- Demo Horn


Getzen Custom 3047AFR Trombone w/Axial Flow Valve


Getzen Custom 3052S Trumpet w/case


Getzen Custom 3508R Trombone w/Case


Griego 1 NY in Silver


Griego 2 NY in Silver


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