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Used JP042G Tenor Saxophone w/ Upgraded HSC & MPC

  • There are many features on the JP042 that are present on more professional models, a fully ribbed construction and double spine on B & C keys provide additional strength. 
  • Italian leather pads create a great seal that translates into a fuller sound that is more responsive and lasts longer than conventional pads. 
  • Resonator pads also improve projection and give the tone more depth. The instrument also features High F# and Front F keys and floating plate design for the little finger (left hand) cluster, this aids faster movement once players have become more proficient. 
  • An adjustable thumb rest allows a more natural and comfortable hand position to be achieved. A sling ring also provides the opportunity to make the instrument even lighter with the use of the provided sling or harness.  
  • The appearance of the JP042 has been enhanced with engraving, abalone pearls, and a range of modern finishes. 
The original case was a bit trashed, so we upgraded to a great hardshell case. We have also included a Vandoren TL4 Optimum Mouthpiece. This instrument is ready to rock!! 

Thanks for shopping with BME. As always, your instrument will be packed with love and care.