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Loaner JP231Rath Trombone


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Includes JP Pro Trombone Case

As a progressing player looking for a trombone that is suited for wind bands, concert bands, jazz ensembles or big bands, the JP231 Rath is certainly worthy of your consideration.

If you are looking for a straight Bb tenor to play in an orchestra, the JP231 Rath is certainly capable of meeting your needs.

Unique benefits

The JP231 Rath is characterised by a professional standard of workmanship and a very high level of performance. Often compared with professional models, the JP231 Rath competes extremely well against more expensive instruments from top makers.

The JP230 Rath and JP Rath range as a whole benefit from exactly the same manufacturing processes to slide and bell as Michael Rath's own handmade instruments ensuring you a truly spectacular result.

The JP231 Rath features:


  • Unique and exclusively designed Michael Rath leadpipe
  • Created from high grade 80:20 brass throughout
  • 8" bell and .525" medium large bore is included as standard giving players great projection and superior articulation throughout the range
  • Truly spectacular tenor trombone
  • Selection of attractive finishes