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Walrus Audio Canvas Mono Direct Injection Box


If you're running a self-contained pedalboard without an amp, ensure that you're piping out the best sound possible with Canvas Mono, a DI box and line isolator from Walrus Audio. Totally passive in operation, Canvas converts your 1/4" unbalanced signal into balanced XLR, perfect for delivering your audio to front-of-house or an audio interface for recording. The balanced output is transformer isolated, minimizing noise—but there's still a ground-lift switch if pesky hum turns up.

Canvas is notable in that it functions both as DI box as well as a line isolator, through the use of a mode switch. In DI mode, running acoustic guitar or bass direct will ensure that their high-impedance signals are managed accordingly. By contrast, synthesizers or amp modeler outputs are better handled with the line isolator mode. Let the truest colors of your music through with Walrus Audio's Canvas Mono.



  • 1/4-inch unbalanced input to XLR balanced output for easy connection with PA systems and other live-sound setups
  • Completely flat 20Hz–20kHz frequency response for an uncolored tone
  • Sum switch transforms the Thru channel into a second input, allowing the summing of stereo sources
  • -15dB pad to balance your sound and reduce distortion
  • DI and LI modes for optimal connection with high- and low-impedance outputs
  • DI mode includes a -20 dB (-35dB with the pad engaged) signal reduction
  • Ground lift switch that isolates the ground pin to reduce hum
  • Custom wound transformers for a full, warm frequency response

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