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Universal Audio Astra Modulation Machine Effects Pedal

Universal Audio Astra Modulation Machine Effects Pedal

The Astra Modulation Machine is a flagship, no-compromise guitar effect pedal that establishes a new benchmark for classic Modulation effects, with sonic authenticity far beyond all other stompboxes. The Astra Modulation Machine features 3 Legendary Effects, Stereo/Dual Mono operation, True Bypass with Silent Switching, an optional Buffered Bypass via software, Analog Dry-Through, and a Preset Mode to recall stored settings.


Chorus Brigade

  • Based on the classic CE-1, the Chorus Brigade tone emulates every inch of this legendary pedal, expertly capturing its legendary bucket-brigade circuit.


  • Perfectly emulates the prized MXR studio flanger’s colorful, almost lo-fi-sounding “bucket-brigade” circuit — offering subtle thickening to whacked-out sci-fi effects.

Trem 65

  • Captures the balanced, warm tones of classic Fender blackface opto tube tremolo (called “Vibrato” on the amp).

Bonus X90 Phaser & Dharma Trem 61 effects Based on the classic MXR “script” and “block” Phase 90 effects, plus a unique “Dharma” Dynamic Harmonic Tremolo tone — available free at pedal registration.

  • 3 legendary modulation effects:? 
  • Chorus Brigade—Chorus & Vibrato modes
  • Flanger / DBLR— Flanging & Doubling mode
  • Trem 65—Sine & Square modes
  • Knob, Preset, and Tap + Preset modes
  • True / Buffered Bypass
  • FREE Phaser X90 and Dharma Trem 61 bonus effects at registration
  • Unmatched sonic authenticity
  • Rugged UA build quality
  • True Bypass with Silent Switching
  • Optional Buffered Bypass
  • Preset mode
  • Configurable footswitch operation (Starlight and Astra models)
  • Optional Preamp coloration on select effects