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Swindler Effects THE GULF CHORUS Pedal Functionist Design


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Functionalist Design
Ready to experience the intense ebb and flow of one of the most versatile, feature-packed chorus pedals ever produced? Meet THE GULF. The Gulf is a fully analog bucket brigade chorus/vibrato with digital control. It packs all of the most popular chorus features into a small, affordable package.

The Gulf is first and foremost a stereo chorus pedal. From left to right, the upper controls are Speed, Depth, and Blend. The Speed and Depth parameters can be controlled via an external expression pedal. The Blend knob allows you to blend from dry signal, to chorus, to vibrato, and everything in-between. There are five selectable tap-tempo divisions for the speed, and a Delay knob. The Delay knob time shifts the wet signal to create more extreme warble.

The Gulf contains one onboard, savable preset. Holding the bypass and tap-tempo footswitches simultaneously will save the active controls to the on-board preset. The middle (blue) LED lights up to indicate whether the preset is active. Depending on the expression configuration, the preset can be activated by holding the bypass switch or through an external favorite switch. The only settings not saved in the preset are the Blend and Delay parameters as these are purely analog control and can't be saved by the program.

Holding the tap-tempo footswitch will activate a ramp function, and the speed of the chorus will alternate between increasing and decreasing on each hold. Adjusting the speed knob while holding the tap-tempo footswitch will change the speed of the ramp.

Finally, there is a 3-way waveform toggle (W). Left is sine wave, middle is triangle, and right is a less common square wave which can create some unique sounds.

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