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Creation Music Company 17x12.5 Elevation Series V2 Board


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The Elevation Series V2 

A design years in the making.

In 2016 we released The Elevation Series. It received accolades from touring pros to weekend warriors all around the globe, and for good reason. Its unibody design was incredibly strong and self-supportive, yet extremely lightweight. Its hand crafted end panels were classy, but subtle. But over the years, we've been quietly working on some big improvements and we think we've done just that.


In 2017, with the release of our Pro Elevation Series, we introduced a simple patch box and also incorporated that method into our Custom Shop models as well. Every box was drilled and laser etched for each order. We quickly realized that a modular system would streamline this process.

When designing our modular system, we wanted to make ours aesthetically pleasing as well as ruggedly durable. All Elevation Series V2 boards come with 1 outer plate for mounting modules and 2 inner cover plates on each end. Simply remove the cover plate and install one of our proprietary modules. We believe this is the cleanest and most durable way to offer a modular system. 


In 2018 we released the Aero Series with a very carefully laid out slot pattern and multiple handle holes. We pulled heavily on our years of experience building rigs for touring pros with extreme cable management. We wanted to mimic this capability on the Elevation V2. There are plenty of openings for cable management, but not so many to get in the way of mounting pedals.

An added bonus is this makes the weight of the frame go down even more. It's not dramatic, but it may just save you from having to remove a pedal when you check it with the airline.

Pedalboard Essentials Kit: 

  • 3 ft of both 1" Hook and Loop
  • 20 - 4 Inch Zip Ties
  • 8 - 3/4 Inch Self Adhesive Cable Mounts
  • 4 - 1 Inch Self Adhesive Cable Mounts

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