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Effects > Chorus/Vibrato
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BOSS CE-2w Chorus Waza


BOSS CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble


Boss MD-500 Modulation Pedal


Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl Hifi


Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl Mk 2


Earthquaker Aqueduct Vibrato Pedal


Earthquaker Data Corrupter


Earthquaker Rainbow Machine


EarthQuaker The Depths


Empress Nebulus Modulation Pedal


Ibanez Chorus Mini Pedal


J. Rockett Tranquilizer


JHS Pedals Emperor V2 Chorus/Vibrato


JHS VCR Ultracolor VCR Signature Ryan Adams pedal


Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah


Old Blood Noise Visitor Parallel Multi-Modulation


Strymon Mobius Modulation


Strymon Ola Chorus and Vibrato


Suhr Alexa Chorus Vibrato Pedal


Swindler Effects THE GULF CHORUS Pedal Functionist Design


Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Reverb Black Friday Retro


Walrus Audio Julia V2 Analog Chorus/Reverb