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Courtois AC440 Trombone


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Trombone Outfit w/F Attachment with Jakob Winter "Greenline" lightweight Hard case and backpack straps.


Trombone Outfit w/F Attachment

Newly developed, this horn is a modern reproduction of the legendary American models of the 1950's and 60's. This large bore model features an 8.5 inch rose brass bell, standard wrap F attachment and a narrow spaced Conn 88H style slide.
  • 0.547" large "Symphonic" bore.
  • 8.5" goldbrass/rose brass bell.
  • Hand-hammered, one piece bell.
  • Traditional narrow width (4.25") slide.
  • Brass outer slide over nickel steel inner slide tubes.
  • Closed wrap F attachment with "E" pull.
  • Standard rotary valve.
  • Mechanical (adjustable) ball joint linkage.
  • Courtois mouthpiece.
  • Jakob Winter "Greenline" lightweight hard case with backpack straps.

Most Appropriate Music: Classical, Commercial, Pop.
Most Appropriate Ensembles: Orchestra, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Brass Quintet/Brass Ensemble. Solo & Chamber Ensembles.