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Getzen 1052-FD Bass Trombone w/Hardshell Case


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Includes Case and 1 1/2G Mouthpiece.
Independent Bass Trombone

Bore Size:
(with three interchangeable leadpipes)

Tuning Slide:
Rose brass

Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes
(chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings)

Yellow brass outside tubes with nickel silver end crook and oversleeves

9 ½", dual gauge yellow brass with unsoldered rim

1½G Trombone


Independent, open wrap F/Gb/D attachment
2 rotary valves

Warranty: Gold Warranty 

Musicians who make their living playing bass trombones are well aware of the new Getzen Eterna 1052FD trombone. From symphony to swing to school concert bands, the Getzen Eterna Bass Trombones are a workhorse of the professional brass player.

The 1052FD, played by many professional bass trombonists and often seen in school bands and orchestras, features an independent rotor system where players are able to access each rotor attachment individually. It has an amazingly efficient dual gauge bell that gives it great projection.

The special design of the valve system allows the player to access the second (Gb) rotor without playing through the F. This allows the player several ways to simplify slide positions in the low range. The three interchangeable mouthpipes give the player the added advantage of being able to tailor the response of the instrument from the large bore tenor feel of the number one pipe, to the blending characteristics of the second, to the wide open sound of the third.

All of these features are amplified by an amazingly efficient, dual gauge bell which is both powerful and beautiful sounding in all registers. It features a.562" bore (with three interchangeable leadpipes), a rose brass tuning slide, hand-straightened nickel silver inside tubes (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings), and yellow brass outside tubes with a nickel silver end crook and oversleeves. The bell is 9 ½", dual gauge yellow brass with unsoldered rim. It comes with a 1½G Trombone mouthpiece.