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Vox amPlug3 High Gain Headphone Guitar Amplifier

The VOX AmPlug 3 High Gain guitar headphone amp brings versatile high-gain tube amp tones to your headphones for practice and performance. With the AmPlug 3 High Gain, you can achieve immersive distortion and crystalline cleans without an amplifier, letting you play anywhere while protecting your hearing.

Versatile Analog Circuitry Accurately Emulates Tube Amp Compression and Overtones

The AmPlug 3 High Gain uses analog circuitry to realistically recreate the warm, responsive feel and rich overtones of classic tube amps. Whether you want transparent cleans or aggressive distortion, the dual channels provide sparkling chime and authoritative crunch. Adjust the dedicated tone knobs to shape your tone, adding depth and dimension to your playing. The responsive analog design reacts and compresses just like a real tube amp for an authentic playing experience.

Immersive Stereo Effects Like Delay and Reverb for Expansive Sound Through Headphones

With the AmPlug 3 High Gain, you can explore immersive stereo effects like delay, reverb and chorus to enhance your tone. The stereo effects open up the soundstage, surrounding your ears with ambience that makes it feel like you're playing through an amp and cabinet rather than headphones. Dial in the perfect amount of lush reverb or oscillating delay to complement your distortion tones.

Built-in Rhythm Patterns Accompany Your Playing for Practice and Performance

The AmPlug 3 High Gain has built-in rhythm patterns covering nine different styles to practice and jam along with. The rhythms provide a backing track to solo over or play along with, making practice more engaging. You can also use the rhythms in performance to accompany your playing when a full band isn't available. Cover all your musical bases with rock, pop, blues, R&B, heavy metal, punk, jazz, Latin and funk rhythm patterns.

AUX Out Connects to Smartphones for Easy Recording and Playback

Using the AmPlug 3 High Gain's AUX out, you can connect to your smartphone or audio interface to capture ideas and record anywhere inspiration strikes. The aux out gives you increased versatility for recording demos, capturing practice sessions or live streaming performances. After recording, connect headphones to the AmPlug 3 High Gain to listen back and review your takes.

Sleek, Updated Design for an Elegant Look and Feel

With its redesigned casing, the AmPlug 3 High Gain has an elegant, refined look that fits right in on any pedalboard. The sleek styling and compact size make it easy to toss in your gig bag. Powered by two AAA batteries, the AmPlug 3 High Gain gives you pro tones anywhere without the need for an amp or power outlet.


  • High-gain amp models with clean and high-gain distortion tones
  • Nine built-in rhythm patterns
  • Stereo effects like reverb, delay and chorus
  • AUX input for playing along to music
  • Improved analog circuitry for realistic tube amp sound and feel
  • Two AAA batteries provide up to 16 hours of playing time