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Vox amPlug3 Boutique Headphone Guitar Amplifier

The VOX AmPlug 3 Boutique guitar headphone amp brings legendary boutique amp sound into a compact, portable package. Plug the AmPlug 3 directly into your guitar and put on your headphones for inspired practice sessions anywhere. With two boutique amp models to choose from, you can go from shimmering cleans to creamy overdrive tones with a flip of the switch. The first channel captures the sparkling clean tones of a classic Dumble amp, while the second channels delivers smooth, singing overdrive.

Immerse Yourself in Stereo Effects

The AmPlug 3 Boutique takes the effects from previous generations and updates them to immersive stereo. Add dimension to your tone with lush stereo reverb that envelops you. Make lead lines shine with delay effects that spread across the stereo field. Dial in the perfect amount of effects with the dedicated knobs for reverb and delay time. The stereo effects add depth and space to transport you into the music.

Dial In Your Signature Tone

Easily shape your tone with the Gain, Tone and Volume controls. Crank up the Gain to push the boutique amp models into smooth overdrive. Adjust the Tone knob to dial in the right amount of treble bite or bass thump. Set the Volume to your desired loudness. The easy-to-use controls make it simple to find your perfect sound.

Jam Along With Your Favorite Songs

The AmPlug 3 Boutique features an AUX input so you can plug in your smartphone or MP3 player. Jam along to your favorite songs or play with backing tracks while you practice. The dedicated AUX mix knob blends your guitar and AUX input tones. Whether you want to sharpen your skills or just have fun playing music, the aux input makes the AmPlug 3 Boutique more versatile.

Take Your Tone Anywhere

Weighing just over 3 oz., the AmPlug 3 Boutique is extremely lightweight and portable. Just plug it into your guitar, put on headphones and you're ready to practice unplugged anywhere—at home, in the studio, on the bus or backstage. The AmPlug 3 Boutique runs on AAA batteries so you don't need to be near an outlet. With boutique amp tones in your pocket, you can practice with inspiring tone wherever you go.


  • Legendary boutique amp sound with analog circuitry for realistic tube amp feel
  • CH1 bouncy clean tone, CH2 bright silky overdrive (Dumble-inspired)
  • Updated stereo effects for expansive sound through headphones or recording
  • Built-in rhythm function with nine patterns
  • Connect to smartphone via TRRS cable and conversion adapter for easy recording
  • Improved design for elegant feel
  • Powered by two AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • 10-16 hours of battery life with alkaline batteries
  • AUX input for playing along with smartphone music