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Vox amPlug3 Bass Headphone Guitar Amplifier

The VOX AmPlug 3 Bass headphone amp delivers versatile bass tones and immersive effects in an ultra-portable plug-in package. With the AmPlug 3, bassists can practice anywhere with rich, vibrant bass tones inspired by modern tube amps and stompboxes.

Jam With Two Distinct Bass Channels

The AmPlug 3 Bass provides two different bass amp sounds to suit any style. Channel 1 produces a clear, articulate tone perfect for funk and Motown-style grooves. Crank up Channel 2 for a high-gain distortion punch, ideal for rock and metal. Switch between channels to go from a vintage upright thump to an aggressive modern growl with the flick of a switch.

Analog Circuitry Emulates Tube Amp Dynamics

Vox specially tuned the analog circuitry to recreate the warm compression and rich overtones of classic tube amps. You can hear and feel the speaker-like interaction between the amp and headphones. The enhanced analog design makes your bass tone more touch-sensitive and responsive, just like playing through a real amp.

Shape Your Sound With Stereo Effects

The AmPlug 3 Bass features a suite of immersive effects like chorus, delay and reverb to take your tone to the next level. The stereo effects deliver an expansive soundscape that makes it feel like you're plugged into a pedalboard, not just headphones. Dial in the perfect amount of ambience to suit any musical setting.

Built-In Drum Patterns Keep You Grooving

Nine different drum patterns are built right in to the AmPlug 3 so you can jam anytime. Cover all the essential rhythms from rock to reggae. The steady beats make solo practice more engaging and enjoyable. Lock in with the drums to sharpen your timing and technique.

Aux Input For Easy Smartphone Recording

The AmPlug 3 Bass doubles as an audio interface, with an AUX input for recording directly into your smartphone or tablet. Just plug your headphones into the amp, connect it to your device with the included cable and start laying down bass tracks. The AUX input provides a convenient way to capture ideas and share your performances.


  • Modern Bass amp sound with clear and bright CH1 and high-gain distortion sound with an edge on CH2
  • Multi-stage gain circuitry and analog technology
  • 2 AAA batteries provide 10-16 hours of playback
  • AUX input for playback from smartphones and other devices
  • Built-in rhythm trainer with nine different patterns
  • Onboard reverb and effects
  • Foldable plug for portability
  • AUX input for playing along with smartphone music