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Dr. Z Z-Wreck Jr in Black Tolex and Z-Wreck Grill 1x12 Combo


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Dr. Z Z-Wreck Junior in Black Tolex and Z-Wreck Grill 1x12

The Z-Wreck is the third collaboration between Dr. Z and Brad Paisley to create an amp with unparalled touch response and tone. To acheive this, Dr. Z worked together with Ken Fischer (of Trainwreck fame) on the circuit, which features a transformer designed by Ken for Dr. Z. The circuit was meticulously laid out with great attention to detail and minimal wire lengths to squeeze every bit of potential out of it. The result was nothing short of extraordinary! The amp has an amazing amount of clarity and cut, but not so much that it's unforgiving. For such a high-end amp it's very controllable, which is not always the case (such as with the Dr. Z Stingray). This allows the guitar player to easily determine the amout of bite and grit by the degree of his pick attack.

Dr Z also utilizes a specially designed power transformer that allows you to select two different tube plate voltages that gives you more control of your pick attack. These two setting are called Comfort and Speed. With the Comfort setting, you get a bit of a more vintage sag feel. The response is softer. With the Speed setting, the plate voltage is increased and you get a stonger attack with a bit more clarity and headroom. The notes ring clear absolutely scream when pushed into overdrive

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