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Meinl Cymbals Large Drum Rug - Oriental (78" x 78")

  • Tightly woven fabric creates a strong grip with spurs and stands
  • Full-size for any drum or percussion setup
  • Durable no-slip rubber bottom
  • Ideal for drum risers
  • Equipped with strap and includes bag
  • 200cm (6.5ft) x 200cm (6.5ft)

Meinl Drum Rugs are designed specifically for drummers and percussionists with tightly woven fabric that spurs and stands can dig into for a super strong grip.

This full-size design is great for virtually any drum or percussion setup, and the graphics give you a more personalized vibe.

It’s wide enough to accommodate a drum throne as well so all hardware legs are on the same surface. These rugs are ideal for covering a drum riser.

A no-slip rubber bottom keeps the rug from creeping as you play on any surface and is durable to prevent spurs from puncturing through.

Includes a bag and equipped with a strap to roll the rug up for easy transport.

Keep dry. The Meinl Drum Rug is not washable.

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