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Meinl Cymbals Drum Rug - Oriental (78" x 63")

  • Bottom side covered with rubber
  • Avoids sliding
  • Comes with a bag
  • Comfortable transportation
  • 160cm (5.25ft) x 200cm (6.5ft)

So many drummers told us about their drum kits creeping on stage, we decided to do something about it. Now they’re sinking their bass drum spurs into a Meinl Drum Rug. With its no-slip rubber bottom, tightly woven fabric top and great choice of graphics, it is the ultimate rug for preventing drum creep…and giving your set-up a more personalized vibe. When the gig is over, roll it up, put it in its very own bag and away you go. Never suffer from drum creep again!

Keep dry. The Meinl Drum Rug is not washable.

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