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Emerson Gibson ES-335 Prewired Kit

Prewired Control Kit for Gibson ES-335 Guitars

Upgrade your guitar's control system with the Emerson Custom Prewired Kit for Gibson ES-335 guitars. This kit's premium components include precision-made potentiometers, pickup selector switch, output jack, and premium Emerson Bumblebee Paper in Oil Capacitors. They have been prewired and soldered so you can drop them in your guitar with minimal work.

Emerson Custom uses a unique '50s-style wiring with this kit to give you optimized tone. The result is a stronger and tighter tone, smoother feeling Volume pot with less treble loss when rolling the volume down, and interactive Volume and Tone controls. The Tone and Volume controls interact like a vintage amp: when you roll back the volume, the tone changes a little bit, and vice versa. Every Emerson Custom pot is hand-metered in-house to fall within ±8% tolerance, and their capacitors are the only new mil-spec capacitors in production in the US. 

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