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Emerson 12ft/12 Plugs Cable Kit


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Emerson 12ft/12 Plugs Cable Kit

The Emerson Custom Solderless Patch Cable Kit is perfect for the DIY’er wanting to wire up their pedalboard. Our kit uses American made low capacitance cable that is super flexible all the while durable and reliable. Our solderless cable kits use the G&H B52N solderless plugs. These plugs offer a simple and very reliable solderless connection for unmatched reliability day in and day out. Our solderless kits are ideal solution for fitting into the tight areas of your pedalboard that a soldered connection simply cannot provide. USA made, High Quality, Low Capacitance Cable.  

Cable Kit Includes:

12: feet of our USA Made Low Capacitance Cable (Available in 8 Colors)
12: Solderless low-profile connectors
1: #1 flat head screwdriver tip