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Eventide Blackhole Reverb
by Eventide

UPC: 840694001835
Manufacturer #: Blackhole

Eventide Rose Delay
by Eventide

UPC: 840694001286

Rose is a modulated delay like no other. From reverse delays, slapback, chorus and everything in between, Rose is capable of producing a wide range of sounds. The perfect hybrid of analog and digital, the pedal features five different modulation sources,

Eventide Powermax by Cioks

Manufacturer #: 1215-000

Eventide H9 Max Dark Limited Edition
by Eventide

UPC: 03903837
Manufacturer #: h9maxdark

With the Eventide H9, you can employ all of Eventide's stompbox effects from a single pedal. The H9 stompbox features a simple, one-knob user interface, but what's really cool is that it also connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to iPods, iPhones and iPads f

Barn3 OX9 Aux Switch for Eventide H9
by Eventide

UPC: 840694001811
Manufacturer #: OX9

Meet the OX9 - a handcrafted H9 auxiliary switch with a form-fitting design that gives you more control and takes up less space on your board. With the OX9 Aux Switch, you can control basically any function on the H9 - active/bypass, preset change, tap te

Mission SP-H9
by Mission

UPC: 88719700365
Manufacturer #: SP-HQ

The Mission SP-H9 is designed specifically for use with the Eventide H9 Harmonizer. It is not intended for use with other devices.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital
by Voodoo Labs

UPC: 813140001246

Isolated power specifically designed to make digital pedals sound their best.


Disaster Area Designs DMC.micro
by Disaster Area Designs

UPC: 887655
Manufacturer #: dmc.micro

The Disaster Area DMC.micro is an ultra-compact MIDI Controller for your pedalboard. The DMC.micro uses our advanced Gen3 technology in a tiny package ? just 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 1.6″ (93 x 38 x 42mm.) The DMC.micro user interface is incr

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4X4 Power Suppy
by Voodoo Labs

UPC: 813140001239
Manufacturer #: 4x4


Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO 5 Power Supply
by Voodoo Labs

UPC: 813140001222
Manufacturer #: ISO5

Pedal Power ISO-5 is an isolated power supply for powering guitar pedal effects and accessories. It's the ultimate compact solution for smaller pedalboards, rack shelves, or even as an additional power supply for larger boards. With five isolated, filtere